The worms crawl in…

gummy-wormsMy friend asked me to make a seventh birthday cake for her son who loves creepy crawly things (as most seven-year-old boys do).
I thought a cake that looked like a cross-section of a piece of ground dug up, with grass (buttercream), dirt (chocolate cookie crumbs), rocks (candy rocks!) and bugs (gummy worms) would do the trick.
As creepy crawly as it was, it got gobbled up. I bet the worms were the first to go!


butterfly cupcakesOkay, so cake decorating is generally fraught with decoration nightmares and many hours of picky work. These cupcakes were almost like cheating! Pink covered cupcakes, swirled with buttercream icing were topped with paper butterflies found at the dollar store. They look like a million bucks (I think) but take only moments to put together.

Rug hooked fish

fish Hooked rugA friend of mine was celebrating a big birthday and her husband asked me to make her a cake as a surprise. Terry is a rug hooker and one of her unfinished designs was this fish. James asked me to translate it onto a cake for her. I tried to make the chocolate background look a bit like burlap and then tried “hooking” the icing in a stitch-like manner. Terry loved it and was very surprised at seeing her design made out of buttercream.

Gecko and cactus

cactus and geckoI made this cactus cake for friends Gordon and Natalie who share January birthdays. I especially wanted to immortalize their pet gecko Kartini, who passed away at the ripe age of 19 just a few months previous. I figured a fondant gecko and a red velvet cactus cake covered with green buttercream, sitting on chocolate crumbs in a real terracotta pot would be a great way to celebrate.