Party down at the barn

Red barnWendy always wanted a red barn. Her friend asked me to make a cake of a red barn for her birthday featuring her b&w doggie, sheep, donkey, horse and chickens. Done!

barn party 2.jpgMy friend Natalie celebrated her birthday yesterday; her husband Gordon’s birthday was two weeks previous. They have a barn full of animals and I thought it’d be fun if the animals threw a party for them both. Of their 100 animals on the farm, I captured the donkey and two ponies, the marmalade cat that is best friends with the donkey is by his side. As well, there is the goat, who is a new mama, with her three young-ins, Tristan, the old dog, a few chickens, Keaton, the b&w cat, newest of barn cats and another orange cat climbing the roof. Party hats, buttercream hay and candy confettiĀ kinda ties it all together.

Gecko and cactus

cactus and geckoI made this cactus cake for friends Gordon and Natalie who share January birthdays. I especially wanted to immortalize their pet gecko Kartini, who passed away at the ripe age of 19 just a few months previous. I figured a fondant gecko and a red velvet cactus cake covered with green buttercream, sitting on chocolate crumbs in a real terracotta pot would be a great way to celebrate.

Gotta love that poutine cake!

faux poutine dec 2015One of my favourite cakes, I think I’ve made this one a dozen times and it doesn’t cease to tickle the senses. Something so bad for you — the all-Canadian combo of French fries, gravy and curds — made into something sweet and sticky. White chocolate “curds,” pound cake “fries,” and dulce de leche “gravy.” Nom nom nom.