American (er, Canadian) Gothic

This lovely couple who live out in the country decided, after 17 years of living together, to tie the knot! Their annual outdoor get-together party was a big surprise to the 30+ guests because this year it was a party to celebrate their marriage.

Since they love farm living, it was decided that a cake made to look like Grant Wood’s iconic farming couple, would be an ideal image for their cake…with a few modernized touches, natch!

Ball pit cake

My friend Sarah turned 40 and her partner Steve decided to surprise her with what he calls a “Ronna cake.” Since we live about five hours apart from each other and he wanted to keep it a surprise, it goes without saying there were many emails back and forth! In the end, he told me that Sarah always wanted to try out a ball pit. So the theme was set.

She loves sheep, so I made three of them from fondant. Steve loves penguins and together they love their kitty cat Addie. All are playing in the ball pit made from bubble gum. The cake is marble covered in chocolate icing.

I met Steve in the parking lot of a gas station on Highway 401 to cut an hour and a half of driving. Still he made an eight hour trip to get Sarah a “Ronna cake” for her birthday. Boy, was she ever surprised.