Peach galette

It’s already late summer. Gak! Where’d the time go?
Peaches, peaches, peaches. I can’t help myself. I buy them. They all ripen at the same time and there are only so many peaches you can eat before they get over ripe and rotten.
I decided to have a more rustic approach with this pie and made a simple galette. One crust, rolled to about an 11″ circle. Leaving about an inch and a half edge, I placed sliced peaches in concentric circles until full. Then I folded over the edge to secure all those peach juices. Yum!
Here’s the recipe I used from Epicurious. It’s actually from a book called “The Perfect Peach” by Marcy, Nikiko and David Mas Masumoto.

Summer pie

20621280_10155337198785831_2595527560415131482_nAhhh, August. The time of year when Ontario apricots, peaches and blueberries are all ripe at the same time. What’s a gal to do with overripe fruit? Pie, natch!
In this case, I rolled all three delicious bites of summer into one glorious pie and sandwiched them into a pate brisee (Martha Stewart’s recipe works just great. Here’s da link!)
Save your fork, there’s pie!