Hit the jackpot!

slot-machineOh dear! Making a birthday cake on a super-humid day can be very trying. This slot machine carrot cake, to feed 35 guests was a challenge. It’s much shinier than I would have liked, but fondant does that at 35C with close to 100% humidity. Ahhh, to have an air conditioned kitchen.
At any rate, Claire, who likes to go to the casino, loved her one-armed bandit cake and the gold foil chocolate coins too. Happy birthday to Claire and hoping she keeps hitting the jackpot, year after year.

Horse ribbon

keuring-ribbonA gal was having a “keuring” at her house. A what? Keuring, as it turns out, is a horse judging for KWPN — Studbook of the Royal Dutch Sport Horse — a Netherlands-based organization specializing in the breeding of jumpers, dressage horses, harness horses, and Gelder horses.
An orange ribbon is best in show in this case. The ribbon was made of gumpaste and fondant and the cake fed about 40 guests.

Calico cat

Cat for Famke's 6th bday 1Little Famke was turning six and asked me to do a cake for her that looked like her calico cat Liko. I have a sweet calico named Nutmeg and she sat at my feet most of the time while I was making this cake. She’s a great little model.

Cat for Famke's 6th bdayThe cake body was vanilla and fed about 20 people. I decided to make the head and balls of yarn from Rice Krispie treats. Fun to work with and easy to shape.
Famke loved it and at the end of the party, the only bits left were the head and a ball of wool.