Buttercream tulips

floral madagascar 2017I made this cake as a donation for the cake auction at the for the Madagascar School Project fundraising dinner, a worthy cause to which I donate a cake annually.
In this case, I made a three-tiered lemon sponge with key lime curd between the layers, surrounded by a cloud of lemon-orange buttercream. I topped off the confection with pink and yellow buttercream tulips to echo the start of spring.
I hope it makes a bit of money for a very worthy cause.

Speckled blue egg cake

Speckled egg cake (2)I just love the idea of a cake for spring that emulates the pattern of a bird’s egg. Blue buttercream with watered-down cocoa powder (watered-down with vodka, no less!) spattered on the sides just lends itself to a really graphically appealing cake. The little speckled candy-covered chocolate eggs are kinda fun too.