Partying kitties

cats-and-woolMy friend Scott’s mum’s birthday is Christmas Eve and this year she turned 70, so he wanted to celebrate that milestone.
She loves her two cats, Lucky and Angel, and asked that they were on the cake. Here they are, already celebrating her special day, playing with green and red wool (a nod to the season), and donning party hats.
Happy birthday to the pre-Christmas baby!

Calico cat

Cat for Famke's 6th bday 1Little Famke was turning six and asked me to do a cake for her that looked like her calico cat Liko. I have a sweet calico named Nutmeg and she sat at my feet most of the time while I was making this cake. She’s a great little model.

Cat for Famke's 6th bdayThe cake body was vanilla and fed about 20 people. I decided to make the head and balls of yarn from Rice Krispie treats. Fun to work with and easy to shape.
Famke loved it and at the end of the party, the only bits left were the head and a ball of wool.

Wiener dog

WeinerDogMy youngest cousin Saul turned 40 a couple of years back and asked me to make him a cake. Anything I wanted. A surprise! Instead of a hockey or baseball jersey (he’s a huge sports fan) I decided to make him a cake in the shape of his beloved wiener dog, Hailey. I was pretty nervous. How to do the head? I made it out of rice krispy treats, shaped it, covered it with icing and fondant. I was so happy with how it turned out.
In retrospect, I wish I had added a little party hat and some confetti to make it more celebratory. But as I recall, I was so happy that the dog had turned out looking like a wiener dog, I just left well enough alone.

Puppy dog cupcakes

cupcakes dogs SPCA 2016This is the fourth year I’ve participated in the SPCA Cupcake Fundraiser Day. For the past several years, I’ve made white buttercream shaggy dog cupcakes with mini-M&M eyes and pink fondant tongues. This year I decided to mix it up and make chocolate, mocha, maple and vanilla furry dogs. Great to be able to help our local animal shelter.

Handle with care

Valentines RMx2For Valentine’s Day a few years back, I made a special cake for our Valentine’s dessert. It was a square two-layer, red velvet cake and using beige fondant, made it look like a cardboard box, packed with candy hearts. In amongst the packing materials were Richard and me and our five cats (at the time): Barney, Percy, Oreo, Cookie and Nutmeg.

Party down at the barn

Red barnWendy always wanted a red barn. Her friend asked me to make a cake of a red barn for her birthday featuring her b&w doggie, sheep, donkey, horse and chickens. Done!

barn party 2.jpgMy friend Natalie celebrated her birthday yesterday; her husband Gordon’s birthday was two weeks previous. They have a barn full of animals and I thought it’d be fun if the animals threw a party for them both. Of their 100 animals on the farm, I captured the donkey and two ponies, the marmalade cat that is best friends with the donkey is by his side. As well, there is the goat, who is a new mama, with her three young-ins, Tristan, the old dog, a few chickens, Keaton, the b&w cat, newest of barn cats and another orange cat climbing the roof. Party hats, buttercream hay and candy confetti kinda ties it all together.

Kitty cats

cat lover naked cakeA good friend of mine turned 80 today. She was my next door neighbour from the time I was five or six years old. Her husband emailed me and asked me to do a cake as a surprise. Barb’s favourite flavour? Coconut and dark chocolate. Done!
And…she’s an animal lover and is involved with her local feral cat program as well as adopting several kitties over the years.
So here it is. A triple layered toasted coconut cake with chocolate icing and a dark chocolate ganache topper. Fondant cats are all over the cake doing cat-type things. Sleeping, flopping, or just being curious. She loved it!

Naked cake for cat lovers

cat lovers naked cakeIt seems that the trend in the cake-making world is the so-called “naked cake,” meaning that the sides are not iced and the layers are exposed. I thought this would be a perfect mash up with a cake for a pair of birthday boys who are also cat lovers. Fondant kitties jumping in and out of chocolate icing. Kinda fun.

There’s no escaping it

Cat and dog Peggy turns 60Peggy, who turned 60, celebrated with a potluck supper but pre-supper fun included a visit to Escape Manor. Apparently, several groups of people are locked into rooms and the only way to get a key to escape is by deciphering several clues presented along the way. What fun!
In this case, Peggy asked for her beloved pets to appear on her cake, to pass on birthday wishes to her. So here are Scout and Phoebe, animated in fondant, party hats at the ready.

Cats, cats, cats

Cat cake steveI love cats and love making cat cakes. This one for Steve who also loves cats.

Cat KlibanMy cousin Richard is a big Kliban cat fan and was moving out west to Calgary, so I made him a Kliban cat cake wearing a chocolate fondant cowboy hat.

cat Dominos 20thOne of my sweet critters, Domino, turned 20 and I figured why not celebrate in high style? We had a few friends over, we all wore party hats — including the birthday girl — and we sang Domino happy birthday with her very own lookalike cake. Afterwards, we helped her open catnip gifts and she got to drink milky tea out of a cup just for her. A crazy fun way to celebrate two decades of being a cat!

Puppy cupcakes and rose cupcakes

cupcakes dogs SPCA 2014For the past few years I have donated cupcakes for a fundraiser for our local SPCA. Last year I did a dozen white puppies…
cupcakes roses SPCA (5),,, and a dozen with a buttercream rose on each. Not sure what I’ll do for this year’s offering. This year’s SPCA’s National Cupcake Day is February 23. Stay tuned.

Bedtime for Natalie and Gordon and Jacques too!

natgordon-bdaysLiving out here in the country I have many friends who adore animals. Gordon and Natalie, who share a January birthday have various dogs, cats, hens, ducks and ducklings, bees and an 18-year-old gecko. It takes them forever to tuck them all in and I thought a birthday cake featuring them with all their animal babies might be a bit of fun.

Bedtime Jacques1

Jacques’ girlfriend saw the cake and order one for Jacques’ special birthday. Not only does he have goats, sheep and chickens, he feeds skunks and raccoons as well. NIghty-night!

Ball pit cake

My friend Sarah turned 40 and her partner Steve decided to surprise her with what he calls a “Ronna cake.” Since we live about five hours apart from each other and he wanted to keep it a surprise, it goes without saying there were many emails back and forth! In the end, he told me that Sarah always wanted to try out a ball pit. So the theme was set.

She loves sheep, so I made three of them from fondant. Steve loves penguins and together they love their kitty cat Addie. All are playing in the ball pit made from bubble gum. The cake is marble covered in chocolate icing.

I met Steve in the parking lot of a gas station on Highway 401 to cut an hour and a half of driving. Still he made an eight hour trip to get Sarah a “Ronna cake” for her birthday. Boy, was she ever surprised.