Caw caw caw

crow cookies (14)I was asked to make 100 crow cookies as a takeaway gift at the book launch and signing of The Company of Crows by Karen Molson. One hundred or so sugar cookie crows flew out of the kitchen and into the waiting hands (and mouths) of happy book buyers. Kind of a Hitchcockian image, but it really wasn’t anything like that at all…A very fun day.

Wiener dog

WeinerDogMy youngest cousin Saul turned 40 a couple of years back and asked me to make him a cake. Anything I wanted. A surprise! Instead of a hockey or baseball jersey (he’s a huge sports fan) I decided to make him a cake in the shape of his beloved wiener dog, Hailey. I was pretty nervous. How to do the head? I made it out of rice krispy treats, shaped it, covered it with icing and fondant. I was so happy with how it turned out.
In retrospect, I wish I had added a little party hat and some confetti to make it more celebratory. But as I recall, I was so happy that the dog had turned out looking like a wiener dog, I just left well enough alone.

Neighbourhood Open House

Dunvegan.jpgOur local neighbourhood recreation association held a “Meet your neighbours” afternoon with soft drinks, coffee and cake. A good excuse to say hello to a fellow Dunveganite. I used the Dunvegan logo that appears in the local recreation association’s flyers and added a few butterflies and flowers to make it pretty and friendly. Good times.