Spaghetti and meatballs

spaghetti& meatballs2A spaghetti and meatballs cake? Sure, why not. Buttercream pasta, Ferrero Rocher meatballs and strawberry jam sauce. Cheese was grated white chocolate. Crazy? Was a perfect birthday cake for an Italian friend of mine who’s fond of pasta.

spaghetti&meatballs cakeI made it again as a birthday cake for a co-worker who loves tucking into a plate of spaghetti and meatballs.

spaghetti&meatball cupcakesAnd I made it again as cupcakes, just for fun, for a friend. She loved it!

Buck and doe wedding

wedding deer1The invitation said, “The hunt is over!”
My friends were getting married last fall. She’s a lawyer. He’s an environmental outdoorsy guy. They hunt deer together. They wanted a fall-themed, outdoorsy wedding cake but still wanted it to be elegant. She refused to wear a camo wedding dress but she did sport a camo ribbon around her waist. Elegant/outdoorsy. I think I hit the target with this one.

Beaver emoticon

beaver emoticonMy friend Scott asked me to make a birthday cake based on a beaver emoticon (seen above) for his girlfriend Ailen. They live about an hour apart so they send lots of text messages back and forth and I guess, they get a kick out of using that little beaver emoticon in their texts. Ailen is originally from the Philippines, now living in Canada, and she’d dearly love to see a real, live beaver as there aren’t any of these creatures back home.

beaver emoticonHere’s the crazy cake I made for Ailen. A cuddly, chocolate, furry, beaver emoticon.

A Cat in the Hat kind of day

Cat in the HatI made this for a friend on a bet that I couldn’t make a fun cake using only a round pan and a loaf or square pan. Here’s what I came up with. i carved out the round cake a bit to make the cat’s face. And for his hat I just cut and shifted some of the loaf pan to the right a bit. All decoration is done with buttercream. The whiskers are chocolate-dipped spaghetti (uncooked, natch!)
It definitely was a Cat in the Hat kind of day.

Cats, cats, cats

Cat cake steveI love cats and love making cat cakes. This one for Steve who also loves cats.

Cat KlibanMy cousin Richard is a big Kliban cat fan and was moving out west to Calgary, so I made him a Kliban cat cake wearing a chocolate fondant cowboy hat.

cat Dominos 20thOne of my sweet critters, Domino, turned 20 and I figured why not celebrate in high style? We had a few friends over, we all wore party hats — including the birthday girl — and we sang Domino happy birthday with her very own lookalike cake. Afterwards, we helped her open catnip gifts and she got to drink milky tea out of a cup just for her. A crazy fun way to celebrate two decades of being a cat!