Giant cupcake alert

giant cupcakeOkay, so every cake-maker in the world has probably made a giant cupcake by now. Or so it seems. It’s probably even out of fashion but it was still on my cake bucket list.
We were invited to a combo retirement party and birthday party over the weekend and I offered to bring a cake. And I knew exactly which one I was going to make. Bingo!
Silly. Not specific of any particular occasion. Fun.
And I was right. It was silly enough and fun enough and delicious enough that we all enjoyed it. Giant cupcake cake, we love you.

Surprise! We’re getting married.

wedding cake rose bouquet topperI was asked to make a surprise wedding cake. Not a request I get too often! An engagement party for 18 friends and family turned into a wedding, so a wedding cake needed to be added to the menu.
I did a simple chocolate cake, two-tiers, layered with buttercream icing. The topper was made by the florist and looked like the bride’s bouquet.
Turns out the bride is a friend of mine who I knew got engaged a month or so ago. I had hoped I would get to do her wedding cake…and I did!