Merry Christmas

Christmas 2017I love the vintage feel of this cake. The retro bottle brush trees and the metal Matchbox station wagon, with the just-cut tree tied to its roof. The cake has a Norman Rockwell feel to it, like everything is peaceful and sweet and lovely.
Here’s hoping that your Christmas is peaceful and sweet and lovely.


Feels like winter

winter-cake-with-bottle-brush-treesI made this 6″ cake, four layers, each filled with lemon buttercream and lemon curd as a dessert for a winter lunch. I love the look of the bottle brush trees, giving the cake a sweet vintage feel. An easy-to-decorate cake, this was a pleasure for the last cake of 2016.

Turkey dinner, with all da fixings

Thanksgiving cakeThis cake makes me laugh. It kind of turns your senses upside down! You’ve just had a turkey dinner with all the fixings, and then dessert is served and guess what? It’s a spice cake that looks like turkey dinner with all the fixings! All over again.
I made the turkey slices by slicing a block of fondant and painting the edges with a food colouring/vodka glaze. Carrots and peas are fondant shaped appropriately. Cranberry sauce is a spoonful of cherry jam. Mashed potatoes are a big glop of buttercream (urp!) with a square of yellow buttercream as a butter pat.
Great conversation piece at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Who can get enough of turkey?