Blue nurse’s scrubs

nurse scrubs blueI did this chocolate nurse’s scrubs cake for a fundraiser auction for our local hospital. The syringe and bandages were fondant; the stethoscope and scissors were gumpaste.
I heard that it got a good penny at auction and that the buyer served it right at the fundraiser. Terrific!

Operation cake

OperationLast night, this cake I made was auctioned off as part of a huge fundraiser for our local hospital. I thought a cake based on the classic board game Operation would go along with the theme of a hospital fundraiser. The cake was huge! A carrot cake that could feed 40 people.
I heard it got a good price at auction and was purchased by a doctor who took it back with her to the hospital the next day and shared it with hospital staff. Win win!

Naked cake for cat lovers

cat lovers naked cakeIt seems that the trend in the cake-making world is the so-called “naked cake,” meaning that the sides are not iced and the layers are exposed. I thought this would be a perfect mash up with a cake for a pair of birthday boys who are also cat lovers. Fondant kitties jumping in and out of chocolate icing. Kinda fun.