Harry Potter

Harry PotterI was never a huge Harry Potter fan and although I have seen one of the films, I had never read any of the books and didn’t really know all the lore of the story.
So, a friend at work helped me out. The name of that ball thingie with wings? A snitch. That hat with a face? The sorting hat. Colours of Harry’s scarf? Gold and red. Oh, the details!
But in the end I was delighted with the results. And so too, more importantly, was Quinny, the birthday girl.


May the force be with you

Star WarsMy co-worker Jenna mentioned that her boyfriend is a self-proclaimed Star Wars nerd and that he particularly favours the older characters, like Darth Vadar and Yoda. Here they are in silhouette form, duking it out with light sabers. A perfect salute to Jeremy’s celebration of his 25th birthday.

Nightmare Before Christmas wedding

Wedding Nightmare Before ChristmasUber cool couple Christina and Kristin wanted a wedding cake with the Nightmare Before Christmas theme. It had to feed 150 rockin’ guests. Other than that, I could do what I wanted.
I decided on a black and white theme because it seemed elegant for a wedding and added red gumpaste roses to give the cake some pop.
Ooh wee! It worked. The bride wore white, the bridesmaids were bedecked in red and all the decorations under the tent were red and white. The cake fit in perfectly!
And the cake gods smiled that day. The week had featured 35C with high humidity making it feel like the mid-40s C (100+F). Lucky me. The day before the wedding, when I was icing the cake, the weather changed to the 22C and clouds.
The cake was vanilla bean separated by a citrus buttercream. Apparently, it was a big hit.

Peanuts gang

Triplets Peanuts Gang cakeI’ve made a cake for my friends’ triplets since they were five years old. I can’t believe they’re turning 10! This year, they requested a Peanuts cake with Snoopy and his doghouse with Woodstock, Charlie Brown, Sally, Lucy and Linus. I made them all of fondant. What fun. Loved doing it and hope I keep making cakes for these three gals forever…

Sock monkey birthdays

sockmonkeysMy friends Gordon and Natalie celebrate January birthdays and I thought I’d reimagine them as sock monkeys sitting on a sofa. The sock monkeys are fondant: the sofa is chocolate cake.
Natalie has a sock monkey and one night, brought it to dinner to meet my sock monkeys. So there was kind of a fun theme going on there…crazy, but fun.