Musical birthday

Noel Campbell 21st birthdayWhen a super talented young man, who plays cello, guitar and a plethora of other instruments hits the magic age of 21, it’s time to celebrate.
Noel’s birthday coincided with his solo CD launch. A cake to laud his premier cello artistry was made but since the party was expected to reach 200 celebrants, a cake to mark his 21st birthday was also needed.
Happy birthday Noel. Knock ’em dead out there!

Cello birthday

Noel Campbell cello CD launchNoel Campbell is a talented fellow! He’s only 21 years old and last weekend he launched his first solo CD.
To celebrate the momentous occasion, he was thrown a party with dancing and singing and cake. Congrats to this young musical phenom.
Knock ’em dead out there, kiddo!

Music man

bassoon & piano birthdayBirthday boy Brian loves music. Not only does he sing, he also plays the bassoon, piano and piano accordion. So for his 70th birthday, I needed to make a cake that showed Brian’s passions.
A first for me, I’ve never made a bassoon from fondant before. What fun.
Here’s to Brian, our very own music man. I’m sure his special day will be filled with laughter, music and song.

Blowing his horn

Saxophone jazzI’ve known Trevor for many years and have had many discussions about jazz and music with him. Trevor plays tenor saxophone for his band, The Trevor Clefs. He’s one talented guy! So I was delighted that his daughter asked me to make him a cake for his 80th birthday.
Trevor is involved in all manner of things: he helps out at church, volunteers at the local museum, loves theatre and music. He was a radio announcer and hosted a jazz show and a morning show. But his love of the sax and jazz was my focus for the cake.
The sax on the cake is fondant painted in gold. I tried to make the lettering look like jazz. Confetti and squiggles helped make the sound visual, I think.
Happy birthday Trevor and keep blowing your horn for many years to come.

Rock around the clock

electric guitar 22This funky little electric guitar was for Marc’s 50th birthday. I used all sorts of candy for the frets and other guitar parts. His wife requested I used two of his faves: Kit Kat chocolate bars and chocolate covered coffee beans. Done! I also used chocolate mint sticks, jujubes and a Lifesaver.
Marc loved it and I know he’ll rock his 50s!