Hayley & Mike’s wedding

Hayley & Mike wedding Aug2019My partner Richard’s nephew Mike was getting married and he and his bride-to-be, Hayley, asked me to make their wedding cake. I was touched.
They wanted a naked carrot cake. Decorations would be roses and succulents like the bouquet Hayley would carry. Everything sounded great. Except I live a six-hour drive from the venue! Time to figure out how to take this show on the road.
I baked carrot cakes and froze them, then made lemony buttercream and froze that too. A few days before the wedding we packed the car with boxes and ice packs and hit the road.
We arrived in Lake of Bays, in the beautiful Muskoka district of Ontario, north of Toronto, a few days early and met up with the bridal party and put all our stuff into a fridge at the cottage where I’d be putting the cake together.
On the morning of the wedding, we arrived and I went to work. I assembled the three tiers and when it was time to decorate the cake itself, the roses and succulents looked a bit lonely. I decided that adding something that grew around the cottage would be apropos. Hayley and Mike love the cottage at Lake of Bays. I wanted the cake to feel like it came from there.
Jess, the sister of the groom helped me find acorns, pine cones and wild mint that grows at the water’s edge. We washed them all and added them to the roses and succulents. It was just the perfect thing. The formal roses and baby’s breath contrasted well with the earthier tones of the pine cones and acorns. Formal and natural side-by-side.
The bride and groom loved the cake. And after the charming by-the-water’s edge ceremony and dinner, the guests tucked into the carrot cake.
Congrats to the newlyweds Hayley and Mike. Wishing you many sweet years together.

VW bug wedding cake

37562893_1868638559882476_4615435249998888960_nJosh, the son of a dear friend of mine and his girlfriend Emma love Volkswagens, particularly VW bugs. When they announced their wedding a few months back, they asked me to make their cake and having known Josh since he was a wee lad, I asked if I could give it to them as a wedding gift.
They wanted something simple. Buttercream atop chocolate and vanilla cakes. Wedding colours were white and plum. They really wanted something fun to top their cake and Josh had the idea to put his beloved VW bugs front and centre.
His mum Jen found black and white versions on the internet — perfect mini replicas and so they took the place of the classic bride and groom.
Best of luck to Emma and Josh who got married yesterday. And btw, they loved the cake!

Naked wedding with flowers

wedding Sue & Mike Aug 2016Okay, not really a “naked” wedding with flowers; more like a naked wedding cake with flowers!
My friend Sue was marrying her long-time best friend Mike in an outdoor, country wedding. The ceremony was to be performed outside. Folks would sit on hay bales. The greenhouse which once housed Sue’s flower and garden biz, would be transformed into the dining room with one long table to seat 65 guests.
And yes, it all happened as planned yesterday in the full sun of a gorgeous summer afternoon.
The cake? We talked about it months ago and after going in different directions we decided on a carrot cake, done as a naked cake with real flowers for decoration. Lucky for me, my garden had flowering purple basil and variegated marjoram along with black-eyed Susan and nasturtium. It all came together and looked perfect sitting in the greenhouse. Like it was meant to be — just like Sue and Mike!

Nightmare Before Christmas wedding

Wedding Nightmare Before ChristmasUber cool couple Christina and Kristin wanted a wedding cake with the Nightmare Before Christmas theme. It had to feed 150 rockin’ guests. Other than that, I could do what I wanted.
I decided on a black and white theme because it seemed elegant for a wedding and added red gumpaste roses to give the cake some pop.
Ooh wee! It worked. The bride wore white, the bridesmaids were bedecked in red and all the decorations under the tent were red and white. The cake fit in perfectly!
And the cake gods smiled that day. The week had featured 35C with high humidity making it feel like the mid-40s C (100+F). Lucky me. The day before the wedding, when I was icing the cake, the weather changed to the 22C and clouds.
The cake was vanilla bean separated by a citrus buttercream. Apparently, it was a big hit.

Chocolate wedding

Wedding choco 2My friend Miriam was marrying her best friend Eric in a non-traditional wedding. She didn’t want a tiered cake and they both love chocolate. She asked me to make two chocolate cakes for 80 or so guests at their wedding party.
The round cake was the one they posed with for photos. It was chocolate orange with chocolate orange buttercream between the layers, all topped with chocolate ganache and chocolate buttecream roses.

wedding choco 1

The second cake was also floral but oval and a dark chocolate cake covered with chocolate and vanilla fondant. The chocolate fondant tasted somewhat like Tootsie Rolls.
Happy days to a sweet couple.

Beary sweet wedding

chocwedding& bearsI made this cake for a couple who had a tiny wedding — just family — with a small dinner for six after the ceremony. They provided me with the cute bear topper and told me their favourite flavour was chocolate. I made a simple cake with a poured chocolate ganache to cover it, and decided to add a small, round tier to the top to make it look more wedding-ish. The happy bears sat tidily on top of that. Then a few peach-coloured buttercream roses encircling the bears and some buttercream squiggles and shells. Happy days!

The bride wore blue

wedding KateTilkerJust down the road a piece, my friend’s daughter was marrying her partner in a small, family wedding outdoors on the farm. With only ten friends and family in attendance, the cake didn’t have to be big. But it did have to reflect the couple’s love for water and scuba diving. Kate wore a pale blue dress, Zac had a blue flower in his lapel and the cake kinda matched them both. Happy days to the happy couple. Keep swimming you two!

Surprise! We’re getting married.

wedding cake rose bouquet topperI was asked to make a surprise wedding cake. Not a request I get too often! An engagement party for 18 friends and family turned into a wedding, so a wedding cake needed to be added to the menu.
I did a simple chocolate cake, two-tiers, layered with buttercream icing. The topper was made by the florist and looked like the bride’s bouquet.
Turns out the bride is a friend of mine who I knew got engaged a month or so ago. I had hoped I would get to do her wedding cake…and I did!

Buck and doe wedding

wedding deer1The invitation said, “The hunt is over!”
My friends were getting married last fall. She’s a lawyer. He’s an environmental outdoorsy guy. They hunt deer together. They wanted a fall-themed, outdoorsy wedding cake but still wanted it to be elegant. She refused to wear a camo wedding dress but she did sport a camo ribbon around her waist. Elegant/outdoorsy. I think I hit the target with this one.

Long distance love

Luggage wedding cakeI made this cake for friends whose son was marrying a gal from the other side of the globe. Booker and Tijana had been having a long distance relationship for years and were celebrating their marriage with a casual, outdoor wedding. I thought a suitcase with labels of places they had been together would be perfect. The travel labels were printed with edible ink on rice paper, so everything on this cake was edible. It fed about 80 or so party goers.


American (er, Canadian) Gothic

This lovely couple who live out in the country decided, after 17 years of living together, to tie the knot! Their annual outdoor get-together party was a big surprise to the 30+ guests because this year it was a party to celebrate their marriage.

Since they love farm living, it was decided that a cake made to look like Grant Wood’s iconic farming couple, would be an ideal image for their cake…with a few modernized touches, natch!