That dam cake!

Dam cake 1My friend’s dad was turning 90 and she asked me to make a cake for him. A dam cake. A what I said? Yup, a dam cake. Seems her dad was a dam builder from the 1950s onward and she wanted to give him a dam cake. I fretted over it but in the end, came up with this. When Michelle brought the cake to her dad’s residence for a small gathering, he pulled out his knife and demonstrated how the dam was built and how it held back the water. He loved it.
And ever since then, we have referred to it as “that dam cake!”

Lumberjack cake

chainsaw cakeMy boyfriend loves his chainsaw, his brand of choice, Husqvarna. Every winter, he’s out and about, cutting down dead trees out back of the property to help heat the house. What better way to wish him a happy 55th birthday than with a chainsaw cake? To get it just right, I got his real chainsaw alongside the cake (I should have taken a pic!). It’s actual size. I used a barn board, covered with plastic to serve it on.