Asparagus cake

asparagus cakeEvery year for my birthday I try to challenge myself to make a crazy cake. This year, I decided on an asparagus cake.
I measured the cake tin’s circumference to figure out, mathematically, how many asparagus spears I needed to make to get all the way around the cake. And how many layers (plus icing) I’d use, to figure out how high the cake would be so that I’d know how tall the fondant asparagus would have to be. Yikes!
When it came to assembling the actual cake, I had made only one extra asparagus spear. Now I know why I needed that math tutor in algebra class. It finally paid off!
Happy birthday to me!

Stack o’ pancakes

Pancake stack Richard 2018Every year, I try to make Richard a fun cake for his birthday. This year I decided on a stack of pancakes, a trompe l’oeuil cake. We have pancakes every Sunday so I thought this would be a perfect way to celebrate his special day.
The pancake stack is really fondant covering a chocolate cake (his fave), slathered with chocolate icing. Blueberries and butter pats are fondant too.
Everyone at his birthday party thought we were eating a pancake cake until I cut into it and surprise! Chocolate!
A super fun way to celebrate a super fun guy! Happy birthday to you, dear Richard.

Summertime watermelon

watermelon cakeI love making cakes that look like other things. Kind of “faux food” if you know what I mean. In this case, I wanted to celebrate summer!
A chocolate cake, cut wedge-like and topped with pink and green buttercream. The pips were chocolate covered raisins.
To me, watermelon says summer more than any other fruit. Drippy, pitty, cold refreshment on a hot day. Ahhh, summer. (I’m trying to make it last as long as I can!)

Pass the peas

terrys-60th-b-day-2007My friend Terry is a blues musician who plays once a month at local hangout at an event called “Blues on Tuesday.” When he was turning 60, I was asked to make a cake for him. A guitar, his instrument of choice, seemed like an obvious choice for a cake.
Instead, I thought of all the numbers he cranked out at his monthly gig and my favourite is called “Pass the Peas.” And so the idea for the cake was born. Simplest way was to buy a can of peas, dump it out, scrub it really well, lie it down on the cake and make buttercream peas to seemingly pour out of the can.
Kind of a simple concept but it worked! He loved it!
All I can say to Terry is: Keep passing the peas!
I couldn’t find a recording of Terry performing Pass the Peas, but here’s a fun version of the J.B.’s doing  it. Click here.

Cherry Blossom

cherry-blossomMy friend Dane celebrated his birthday yesterday. His daughter let me know his favourite chocolate bar in the entire world is a Cherry Blossom. Could I make a chocolate cake that looked like a Cherry Blossom box?
Voila! Four sides and a lid! Best of all? On the lid the “Lowney’s” logo became “Lanken’s” instead, Dane’s last name. How lucky was that?

Hail Caesar

caesar salad again.jpgYes, it’s a cake! I love doing faux food cakes and when I saw this on the internet I knew I had to give it a try. Especially since my boyfriend loves Caesar salad.
The romaine lettuce is made of wafer paper, the croutons from pound cake and the cheese is fondant. These toppers sat on top of a layered carrot cake, which was in the glass salad bowl. The lettuce was the trickiest to get right but after a few tries, I got the hang of it.
Happy birthday to Richard. What a fun, birthday surprise for him!

French fries and ketchup?

faux friesI had a few gals over for lunch a while back and since it was summer, I was looking for a fun summer dessert. I came up with this: faux French fries with faux ketchup. Basically, it’s pound cake, cut into shapes resembling fries and then carefully toasted served with raspberry coulis I whipped up and dabbed on like ketchup. I had actual plastic baskets for bbq stuff, so I fitted them with waxed paper inserts. Perfect! A real hoot, the gals gobbled them up between giggles. Happy summer!

Gotta love that poutine cake!

faux poutine dec 2015One of my favourite cakes, I think I’ve made this one a dozen times and it doesn’t cease to tickle the senses. Something so bad for you — the all-Canadian combo of French fries, gravy and curds — made into something sweet and sticky. White chocolate “curds,” pound cake “fries,” and dulce de leche “gravy.” Nom nom nom.

Turkey dinner, with all da fixings

Thanksgiving cakeThis cake makes me laugh. It kind of turns your senses upside down! You’ve just had a turkey dinner with all the fixings, and then dessert is served and guess what? It’s a spice cake that looks like turkey dinner with all the fixings! All over again.
I made the turkey slices by slicing a block of fondant and painting the edges with a food colouring/vodka glaze. Carrots and peas are fondant shaped appropriately. Cranberry sauce is a spoonful of cherry jam. Mashed potatoes are a big glop of buttercream (urp!) with a square of yellow buttercream as a butter pat.
Great conversation piece at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Who can get enough of turkey?

Giant cupcake alert

giant cupcakeOkay, so every cake-maker in the world has probably made a giant cupcake by now. Or so it seems. It’s probably even out of fashion but it was still on my cake bucket list.
We were invited to a combo retirement party and birthday party over the weekend and I offered to bring a cake. And I knew exactly which one I was going to make. Bingo!
Silly. Not specific of any particular occasion. Fun.
And I was right. It was silly enough and fun enough and delicious enough that we all enjoyed it. Giant cupcake cake, we love you.

An American Girl in Paris

American Girl in ParisMaeve celebrated her ninth birthday by having an American Girl party. Apparently, the American Girl for 2015 is Grace Thomas, a gal who goes to Paris accompanied by her French bulldog “Bonbon” and opens up a patisserie.
This cake is my version of Grace Thomas’s baked offerings, as well as her doggy, all made of fondant. And the cake you might ask? French vanilla, naturellement!

Spaghetti and meatballs

spaghetti& meatballs2A spaghetti and meatballs cake? Sure, why not. Buttercream pasta, Ferrero Rocher meatballs and strawberry jam sauce. Cheese was grated white chocolate. Crazy? Was a perfect birthday cake for an Italian friend of mine who’s fond of pasta.

spaghetti&meatballs cakeI made it again as a birthday cake for a co-worker who loves tucking into a plate of spaghetti and meatballs.

spaghetti&meatball cupcakesAnd I made it again as cupcakes, just for fun, for a friend. She loved it!