butterfly cupcakesOkay, so cake decorating is generally fraught with decoration nightmares and many hours of picky work. These cupcakes were almost like cheating! Pink covered cupcakes, swirled with buttercream icing were topped with paper butterflies found at the dollar store. They look like a million bucks (I think) but take only moments to put together.

Rosy 13

Greenfield 13For Greenfield Services 13th year in business, I was asked to make a cake for their celebration. I was inspired by the mention of “and still growing…” so I made the “13” out of roses, buttercream roses, that is, and added a few leaves as if they were still growing. I just loved the look of the number 13 made of roses. So fun.

Biz birthday

Greenfield14 (1)A local company Greenfield, whose employees spend most of their time data checking on the phone and updating lists on computers, celebrated its 14th birthday and I was asked to make a cake for their celebration. I figured I’d make a couple of employees with headsets, keyboards (on their laps) and flat screen video monitors all edible from fondant, sitting on the cake. Party time!

M&Ms cake

M&MsI love how graphically simple this cake is and at the same time,how dynamic it looks. Best of all, it’s easy to make. I bought mini and regular M&Ms and placed them carefully, row by row on a chocolate iced 9″ x 13″ cake. Not all cakes have to take hours to look good. This one is quick and dirty and still manages to look dynamite!

Floral crazy

Floral crazyThis cake was a donation for the Madagascar School Project’s annual fundraising dinner¬†where¬†they have a cake auction and folks at each table bid and then promptly cut the cake and eat it. My friend started the Madagascar School Project and now with the schools finally built, funds are needed to run them. A good cause, I try to help them out every year. For me it’s also a good chance to try new designs and experiment. This one was just going crazy with flowers and fondant.

Goodbye and bon voyage

ByeBye BubusLes Bubus, a family of four, spent almost a year in Canada on an exchange program. When it was time for them to return home to France, I was asked to make a cake for their goodbye party.
What is more iconic than the maple leaf to represent Canada? I figured I’d show a year going by through the leaves of a maple tree.
And so the Bubus returned home with a full belly of chocolate cake. Au revoir and bon voyage.

French fries and ketchup?

faux friesI had a few gals over for lunch a while back and since it was summer, I was looking for a fun summer dessert. I came up with this: faux French fries with faux ketchup. Basically, it’s pound cake, cut into shapes resembling fries and then carefully toasted served with raspberry coulis I whipped up and dabbed on like ketchup. I had actual plastic baskets for bbq stuff, so I fitted them with waxed paper inserts. Perfect! A real hoot, the gals gobbled them up between giggles. Happy summer!