Puppy dog cupcakes

cupcakes dogs SPCA 2016This is the fourth year I’ve participated in the SPCA Cupcake Fundraiser Day. For the past several years, I’ve made white buttercream shaggy dog cupcakes with mini-M&M eyes and pink fondant tongues. This year I decided to mix it up and make chocolate, mocha, maple and vanilla furry dogs. Great to be able to help our local animal shelter.

Thinking spring

cupcakes flowers SPCA 2016These floral cupcakes were made for the annual SPCA Cupcake Fundraiser. Today, as it’s snowing to beat the band, I decided that buttercream roses, sunflowers and hydrangeas might just be the trick to think of sunnier, warmer days…and to raise money for animals at the same time.


sunflower (1)I made this for a friend who loves sunflowers. We carefully packed up the cake and she headed back home to Toronto to celebrate with her family. (We celebrated here with mini-sunflower cupcakes!)
Thing is, it was August. Hot, hot, hot! Many ice packs were used and the five hour drive (and blasting air conditioning) saw the cake arriving in one piece…later to be cut into many pieces.

Cabbage rose cupcakes

cupcakes cabbage rosesOkay, these cupcakes are a little over the top. Last year’s Valentine’s Day supper included two cupcakes for dessert. I figured instead of real flowers on the table, why not two giant cabbage roses, piped from chocolate buttercream as big as the cupcakes themselves? A little top heavy and a little tricky to eat and a lot silly…but a real novelty!

LOVE is all you need

Indiana LOVEI’ve always loved pop artist Robert Indiana’s iconic LOVE image. My partner Richard and I went to the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland, Maine a few years back and saw two large LOVE sculptures Indiana did that sit in the gallery’s gardens. I know the artist lives near there, just across the water on an island. At any rate, I was inspired to do a small cake for us for Valentine’s Day based on this classic typography.