Feels like winter

winter-cake-with-bottle-brush-treesI made this 6″ cake, four layers, each filled with lemon buttercream and lemon curd as a dessert for a winter lunch. I love the look of the bottle brush trees, giving the cake a sweet vintage feel. An easy-to-decorate cake, this was a pleasure for the last cake of 2016.


Flowers for 65th

floral-barbs-65thMy co-worker Barb celebrated her 65th birthday a few days ago. Her family was having a surprise dinner for her and asked me to make the cake.
I figured a significant birthday deserves a knockout cake. This one was actually based on a gift I got that was wrapped in dynamic Christmas paper. I kind of did a birthday riff on the busy poinsettia and holly leaf pattern.

Partying kitties

cats-and-woolMy friend Scott’s mum’s birthday is Christmas Eve and this year she turned 70, so he wanted to celebrate that milestone.
She loves her two cats, Lucky and Angel, and asked that they were on the cake. Here they are, already celebrating her special day, playing with green and red wool (a nod to the season), and donning party hats.
Happy birthday to the pre-Christmas baby!

Historical event

ghs-50A few years back The Glengarry Historical Society celebrated its 50th year helping to preserve local artifacts and data. I was asked to bring a cake to recognize this milestone at the Society’s annual general meeting and potluck. I figured a big bouquet of roses, in this case made out of buttercream, would do the trick. The incoming and outgoing chairs both cut the cake. Kinda sweet.

Go Leafs go!

cupcakes-toronto-maple-leafsI was asked to do a pile of cupcakes for a luncheon in honour of a fellow who passed away and loved the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team.
I’m a Montreal Canadiens fan but I was thankful I didn’t have to do that team’s logo 100 times. A bright blue leaf lent itself well to these cupcakes. And I think the honouree was smiling down from above, dreaming of his beloved Leafs and that elusive Stanley Cup.

Cherry Blossom

cherry-blossomMy friend Dane celebrated his birthday yesterday. His daughter let me know his favourite chocolate bar in the entire world is a Cherry Blossom. Could I make a chocolate cake that looked like a Cherry Blossom box?
Voila! Four sides and a lid! Best of all? On the lid the “Lowney’s” logo became “Lanken’s” instead, Dane’s last name. How lucky was that?