An American Girl in Paris

American Girl in ParisMaeve celebrated her ninth birthday by having an American Girl party. Apparently, the American Girl for 2015 is Grace Thomas, a gal who goes to Paris accompanied by her French bulldog “Bonbon” and opens up a patisserie.
This cake is my version of Grace Thomas’s baked offerings, as well as her doggy, all made of fondant. And the cake you might ask? French vanilla, naturellement!

There’s no escaping it

Cat and dog Peggy turns 60Peggy, who turned 60, celebrated with a potluck supper but pre-supper fun included a visit to Escape Manor. Apparently, several groups of people are locked into rooms and the only way to get a key to escape is by deciphering several clues presented along the way. What fun!
In this case, Peggy asked for her beloved pets to appear on her cake, to pass on birthday wishes to her. So here are Scout and Phoebe, animated in fondant, party hats at the ready.