Best of luck

farewell-angelaOne of the gals at work has decided to move back out west and so we had a little get together last night to wish her well and say goodbye.
I brought dessert for us all to share: a chocolate cake covered with dark chocolate ganache (that photographed as black!) topped with lemon-buttercream roses.
Best wishes to Angela on her new adventures!

So long, farewell…

goodbye-bill-susanIt’s so hard to say goodbye to friends who are moving away. At a potluck farewell party, I offered to bring the cake. But how to make a cake appropriate for the occasion?
I decided the best way to do that was to express “goodbye” in many languages. Thank goodness for Google. And thank goodness for all those hand-lettering classes I took at art school!

Goodbye and bon voyage

ByeBye BubusLes Bubus, a family of four, spent almost a year in Canada on an exchange program. When it was time for them to return home to France, I was asked to make a cake for their goodbye party.
What is more iconic than the maple leaf to represent Canada? I figured I’d show a year going by through the leaves of a maple tree.
And so the Bubus returned home with a full belly of chocolate cake. Au revoir and bon voyage.