Summer cupcakes

cupcakes watermelonIt’s almost the end of August (and it’s still summer!) so when asked to bring dessert for a lunch we were invited to, I opted for abstract watermelon cupcakes.
They were lemon cake with lemon curd filling topped with buttercream icing. No one quite got that they were supposed to be watermelon lookalikes but that was okay. They were gobbled up in no time anyhow.


Chocolate leaf cupcakes

cucakes creme anglais chocolate leaves (4)I was asked to bring dessert to a party last minute. I popped some cupcakes into the oven but how was I going to decorate them?
I looked in my cupboard for inspiration and found a small box of chocolate leaves that were given to me as a gift. Perfect! I filled the cupcakes with some creme anglais, then piped on someĀ buttercream, a drizzle of melted chocolate and then topped them with the moulded leaves. I think it worked really well.