Boldog szülinapot

My Hungarian isn’t good at all but I got all the help I needed from Anna whose Mom was turning 80. Her mom loves Hungarian embroidery and when she saw another cake I did a few years ago that was iced as if it was embroidery, she knew it was the perfect cake for the celebration.
The rain held off and an outdoor barbecue was held with the family gathering together to mark the milestone birthday for their matriarch.
Boldog 80 szülinapot to Anna’s mom. I hope it was a super fun day!

Go Habs go!

My friend’s son celebrated a significant birthday and he happens to be a huge Habs fan. Could I make him a Montreal Canadiens hockey sweater cake? Of course I could! It happens to be my favourite hockey team too.
The Habs had a great run this year, unexpectedly getting all the way to the Stanley Cup playoffs but ultimately losing to the Tampa Bay Lightning.
Looking forward to next year’s hockey season! Go Habs go!

Super Mario

My friend Chantal asked me to make a cake for Jack who was turning 12. He loves Super Mario and she wanted to surprise him with a special cake for his special day.
Not knowing the ins and outs of the video game, I got help from a co-worker, and learned about the importance of stars and bricks (who knew?). The idea of the man himself popping out of the cake made me giggle. Turns out, Jack giggled too! He loved the cake and the flying stars around Super Mario.
Happy birthday Super Jack! Hope your day was full of fun and stars and bricks.

Birthday Succulents

Andrew loves plants of all sorts. When his roommate Heidi called me a few months ago asking if she could get him a cake for his significant trip around the sun, I had all sorts of ideas. Gardens of buttercream? Veggies of marzipan? The possibilities were endless. We eventually settled on his love of succulents.

I’ve done succulents over the years made of fondant as well as buttercream. This time, I decided to go with very muted colours of buttercream. I love the look and how they all seem to meld into each other, much like how real succulents grow. Happy birthday Andrew!

Melting ice cream

With the return of the red-winged blackbirds and warmer weather, spring is almost here. And then it will be glorious summer. Sunny, blue skies and carefree, long days. And ice cream cones! I love having a drippy, messy ice cream cone outside in the hot sun.
With that in mind, and having a day off work, I was inspired to think ahead to the freedom of summer and not wearing five layers of clothing and donning winter boots…sandals, shorts and ice cream here we come!

Chocoholic cake

A cake for a chocoholic was so much fun to do! Marie-Josee loves chocolate so I decided to add all manner of chocolate to her cake.
It was a triple layer chocolate cake, slathered with chocolate icing and then I topped it with all sorts of goodies: Lindt truffles, single origin white chocolate drops (between the chocolate piped shells), dark chocolate Belgian sticks, hazelnut tuille cookies, hazelnut wafer cookies, chocolate candy and dark chocolate mini-squares.
A chocolate-lover’s dream!

Candy is dandy

I made a candy-covered cake a few weeks back and it caught the eye of Melodie who shares her birthday with Anna. They both decided it was the cake for them and they asked me if I could make them one just like it.
Just as pink! Just as fun! But this time, since there were two celebrants, I doubled the amount of candy covering the cake.
Hope their day was double sweet!

A sweet birthday

Mia celebrated her 13th birthday in a sweet way. She loves candy and asked that her cake be covered in all manners of the stuff. Mia’s cake’s interior was a colourful confetti cake — covered with pink buttercream and lollypops, candy sticks, Smarties, sprinkles, licorice and rock candy suckers all edged with a white chocolate drip. Can 13 get any sweeter than that?

Barney and friends cuppies

It’s hard to believe that Barney and his friends are still popular. I first started making Barney cakes over 20 years ago and I’m still making them. Two-year-old Charley really loves Barney — he’s her favourite dinosaur! So Barney, along with Baby Bop and BJ made an appearance on Charley’s cupcakes. Apparently she just loved them! Happy birthday Charley!

Mini naked wedding cake

My friend Vlasta called and let me know that his youngest son was getting married in an extremely small ceremony at a local llama farm. Because of COVID restrictions, only very few people could attend the wedding but he wanted a celebratory cake nonetheless.
As I mentioned to him, we’re entering Barbie-size cake territory but it’s still a wedding no matter how small (now I sound like Dr. Seuss!)
The request was for red velvet and I thought a rustic naked cake would suit the venue and the feel of the wedding. The cake was two-tiers with two four-inch layers sitting atop two six-inch layers. I went with an autumnal colour scheme so I found silk flowers in yellows, oranges and reds.
I thought it came out great and better still, the family loved it.
Best wishes to Meghan and Zak on their nuptials.

Finger Lickin’ good birthday

My partner Richard’s birthday is November 8 and every year I try to do something off the wall for him. I’ve done a chainsaw cake, a Caesar salad cake in a bowl, poutine with pound cake fries and dulce de lecce gravy, a stack of pancakes (that weren’t really pancakes) and a bunch of other crazy things. This year was no different.
I decided to make him a cake that looked like fried chicken, for no particular reason other than I could.
The inside of the chicken legs were cake pops — icing and cake mushed up together and shaped like an egg. The bone part was actually a pretzel stick with a mini-marshmallow on the end, dipped in white chocolate. Once that was set in the fridge, I dipped the other cake end in a combo of melted butterscotch chips and crushed cornflakes. And I topped it all with Australian flake salt, to give it a salted caramel vibe. Finger lickin’ good indeed!

Best friends

Andi wanted to honour her friend’s special birthday with a dozen cupcakes. Shelley-Rae loves peanut butter so the cupcakes had to feature peanut butter frosting. With a few fondant barbells thrown in (they actually met at the gym) and a few fondant hearts, Andi gave her bud a fun gift to reflect her love for her BFF.

Woodland baby shower

woodland baby shower

My friend Meggin is due to give birth to a baby girl in December so a few of her friends threw here a surprise baby shower. The theme was Woodland animals and at first I was going to make a cake but we figured with COVID-19 protocols, cupcakes would be easier to serve.
The afternoon was lovely with a few “name the baby animal” games and the room in the hall was decorated with all sorts of baby foxes, fawns, hedgehogs and bear cubs. The cupcakes fit into the theme perfectly.
Can’t wait to meet baby girl Nora!

Turntable cake


Paul still likes to listen to his music the old fashioned way — spinning vinyl. Actually, I was listening to the radio the very day I was delivering the cake and vinyl has had a resurgence and is now more popular than CDs.
So Paul and his propensity for classic vinyl is on trend. And this year, Paul got his turntable in chocolate!
Here’s hoping that Paul’s birthday was one for the record books.

Blue’s Clues

Blue's Clues

My co-worker was celebrating his youngest child’s first birthday and asked me to make a Blue’s Clues cake. Apparently baby Matthew is a big fan of the show and adores Blue!
I really had no idea about Blue and her entourage until I watched a few short clips. Besides Blue and her chair, there’s also Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper (who had children named Sage and Ginger — who knew?), alarm clock, post box, pail and shovel and of course the clue notebook. What fun.
Happy first birthday to little Matthew. I hope his birthday was a special ONE!

Patti’s cake

chocolate PattiPatti is a former graphic designer who also studied architecture. Currently a teacher, she loves salted chocolate and not fond of floral decorations. I was challenged to do a cake for her that struck the right notes.
I decided to go “super chocolate” and do a chocolate iced, triple layer dark chocolate cake and cover it with a dripping chocolate ganache. I finished it with a Jackson Pollock-like white chocolate splash and later, added Australian pink flake salt to the top.
Getting the message to look right on such an elegant cake befuddled me until I remembered the letterpress set my niece had bought me for my birthday. Although it was intended, I think, to be used on cookies, I figured why not try it on a piece of chocolate fondant. I loved how the simplicity of the letters looked on the cake! Apparently, Patti did too!
Happy birthday Patti!

South Lancaster wharf

south Lancaster wharf1A surprise birthday celebration for Todd who was turning 50!
His co-worker and I talked about all the many things Todd loves and we narrowed it down to just a few. His three Labrador retrievers. Fishing. The South Lancaster wharf, with its colourful boathouses. The Glengarry cairn situated on a wee island in the St. Lawrence River just off the wharf…the cairn itself is part of the logo of Todd’s company.
It all came together! Todd’s wife Wendy wrote me and said Todd liked how the yellow and chocolate labs, Jack and Charlie, are about to pounce on the black lab Libby, who caught the fish.
I like how the cake tells a little story and so pleased Todd got a kick out of it. Happy 50th Todd!

Retiring casket salesman

casket1I was asked to do a casket cake. No, not for a Halloween party or a “Here lies your youth” cake. This one was for an actual casket salesman who has been selling caskets for 44 years. His father was also a casket salesman.
It was a challenge to be sure. I studied how caskets were made and the amazing craftsmanship that goes into each one. Like pieces of furniture, caskets come in a huge array of wood varieties and have varying styles. Who knew?
I’m hoping Ron appreciated the faux wood grain on the fondant, as well as the fondant mouldings on the top and around the bottom. Handles were painted with a mix of edible gold and vodka.
Best of luck to Ron with his new found time off!

Summer wedding

wedding cheyanne & tyler
Cheyanne and Tyler chose a gorgeous summer day to celebrate their outdoor nuptials. The setting, overlooking the Ottawa River with a cloudless blue sky was a perfect backdrop for their wedding.
They chose a naked vanilla cake accented with flowers from the bride’s bouquet: pale pink and white roses with eucalyptus leaves. The rustic look of the cake blended perfectly with the tone of the wedding.
A beautiful day for a beautiful couple.
Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. McMahon!

It’s a girl!

IMG_8849A friend of mine wanted to make her COVID-19 friendly gender reveal party even more fun by being surprised herself. Her mum and her sister, plus partner and she would bite into cupcakes at the same time. The insides would be filled with either pink or blue icing.
It was all lined up. She would drop by after her ultrasound and hand me an envelope from her doctor which had a note inside indicating whether it was a boy or a girl. On the drive over from the hospital, she said that she and her partner almost tore open that envelope a few times but stopped themselves. She and everyone else were convinced it was a boy.
She handed me the envelope and I joked I was going to put orange icing inside the cupcakes. Or green. But she knew I wouldn’t do that!
Once they pulled away, I opened the envelope and let out a hoot. Under three yellow stickies was a fourth sticky saying “It’s a girl!”
Meggin and Rock got the cupcakes the next day and everyone shared the reveal at the same time. Happy baby you two.

Asparagus cake

asparagus cakeEvery year for my birthday I try to challenge myself to make a crazy cake. This year, I decided on an asparagus cake.
I measured the cake tin’s circumference to figure out, mathematically, how many asparagus spears I needed to make to get all the way around the cake. And how many layers (plus icing) I’d use, to figure out how high the cake would be so that I’d know how tall the fondant asparagus would have to be. Yikes!
When it came to assembling the actual cake, I had made only one extra asparagus spear. Now I know why I needed that math tutor in algebra class. It finally paid off!
Happy birthday to me!

Sanitizer wipes cake

COVID wipesI seem to be on a roll. Last week it was a toilet paper cake. This week? Sanitizer wipes.
That’s what happens when you’re practising self-isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Watching the news and fretting about the state of the world. I guess I’m expressing myself in cake.
It started off innocently enough. I was making a banana cake from some old bananas. Then I thought, “Why not make it into something?” (Like sanitizer wipes, right?)
So, I cut out rounds from a rectangular cake and stacked them with chocolate icing between each layer. I refrigerated it because it was a bit like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Later, I slathered on some buttercream and attached the label, which I had lined with wax paper. I would have loved to have used an edible label but I don’t own an edible printer so I figured this was just for experimental purposes to see if I could do it.
What’s next? Who knows…

Toilet paper shortages

toilet paperWe are living in a crazy world. Watching the news about COVID-19 is so disturbing and nerve racking. In these difficult times I decided to make a cake that reflects these unprecedented days of toilet paper hoarding, self isolation and social distancing. If we can’t laugh…
BTW, the cake is funfetti with a cream cheese buttercream. And as the saying goes, stay safe everyone.


Funfetti cakeMelodie was celebrating a significant birthday and decided she wanted something totally fun. A funfetti cake with a pink drip edge.
Inside the cake that fed 30 partygoers was 4 multi-coloured funfetti layers, with pink funfetti icing in between, enrobed in white vanilla icing, topped with a pink ganache. So much fun.
Happy birthday Melodie!

Conversation heart ice cream sandwiches

conversation hearts sandwichesI always have fun on Valentine’s Day, creating romantic meals with a special dessert.
This year I decided to play with the conversation heart theme but this time make them into pastel-coloured sugar cookies and then sandwich them with chocolate and coffee ice cream between, creating a Valentine’s Day ice cream sandwich. Silly and delicious.

Frozen Two

Frozen A special cake for a special day.
A liver transplant seven years ago is celebrated as a sort of second birthday, since its success gave new life. And Frozen is a favourite theme so celebrate they did.
Characters (in the form of action figures) from the film Frozen Two will be added to this cake which serves as a kind of stage for Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Sven the reindeer.

Canoe engagement

engagement canoeAlex and Tyler’s first date was on a canoe. How romantic! Love at first paddle, perhaps? And then they announced their engagement. Party-time!
The cake was a nod to their first date. Atop the cake (that fed 70 partygoers), was a fondant canoe with Alex at the front (her ponytail under her cap) suited up with a life jacket and Tyler rowing behind her.
Here’s to many happy years of steering that boat and paddling together Alex and Tyler!


Hungarian movie“Üvegtigris” is a favourite film of the birthday boy. A few years back, I made a cake featuring this movie for his buddy Andi’s birthday. She asked me if I could make it again for Attila, but this time to feed 60-70 people.
I printed images from the movie on edible paper and surrounded them with black fondant sprockets to make them look like real film strips.
I asked Andi about the movie and she said it was a Hungarian thing that I likely wouldn’t find funny — but Attila and their gang think it’s the bomb. So, without further ado, here’s Attila’s Üvegtigris cake. Many happy returns of the day to him!


luggage cake with hatLouise has spent much of her working life at the Ottawa/Macdonald–Cartier International Airport so a suitcase cake was a perfect way to celebrate her birthday. YOW is the code for that airport so there’s a sticker with that ID slapped onto the side of her pink luggage cake.
She’s a flamboyant gal who loves pink so pink it was! And hats? She loves to wear hats. Two doggy footprints are a nod to her two companions with whom she shares much of her time.
What more can we say? Happy birthday Louise!

Birthday succulents

cupcakes succulentsMy last bake of the year for the past few years, has been for Cheryl who celebrates her birthday on December 28.
I’ve done all manner of cupcakes for her so this year her daughter suggested succulents.
I love doing succulents out of buttercream. When I make succulents, I experiment with different piping tips so they turn out a little differently each time. Always fun!
Cheers to Cheryl on her birthday and Happy New Year!

Christmas spice cake & eggnog icing

Xmas spiceWe were invited to a late lunch for Boxing Day at my partner Richard’s sister’s house and I offered to make dessert.
I wanted to try something new and found a recipe for Christmas spice cake with eggnog frosting. Ooh, sounded fantastic.
It came out great, the cake baked up beautifully. My only issue was the icing was too sweet, so I alternated the 1/4 cup of heavy cream with freshly squeezed lemon juice and it made all the difference in the world.
I decorated it with the last of my gingerbread snowflakes and topped it with snowy icing sugar. Delightful.

Riff on Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle paper riffMy friend Anick is a graphic designer and a few years ago, opened a charming card and gift shop on the main street of our little town.
She curates an amazing array of stationery and wrapping paper as well as unique tchotchkes that I want to own.
When I found out it was her birthday I toyed with all sorts of ideas: her love of calligraphy, her graphic design career and…well, the things in her shop are so lovely so I wanted to give a nod to her impeccable taste.
One company stands out and it’s Rifle Paper Co. If you don’t know it, you’ve likely seen it. Their designs are appearing on all sorts of things but their initial business was cards and paper goods. Anick sells many of these in her tiny shop and I knew I wanted to attempt to base a cake on their designs.
When Anick saw the cake for the first time she said, “Rifle Paper Co.!” And so, I was delighted that she recognized my vision, which to me screamed, “Anick”!
Many happy returns Anick and here’s hoping your year is filled with beautiful design and joy.
If you want to see Rifle Paper Co.’s website, and why we love it so, click here: Rifle Paper Co.
To see Anick’s shop, click here: Left and Write Paperie

Coffee in a cardboard cup

coffee in a cardboard cupMy partner Richard celebrates a November birthday and I always like to think of wild and crazy ideas for his cake.
He and I love road trips and one of our favourite singalong albums is Mandy Patinkin’s Broadway CD. One of the songs, “Coffee in a cardboard cup” is a particular fave and we sing it all the time. So I figured it was a perfect subject for a cake.
I ruminated about how to actually do it. At first, a fondant cup with coffee (icing really) pouring onto a cake. But then I thought, it really should be cardboard! I mean, that’s what the song is all about, right?
So I baked actual coffee cakes inside cardboard cups. And it worked! I topped it with buttercream swirls to look like a latte, popped in a few tall candles and sang him happy birthday.
After he blew out the candles, we each grabbed a cuppa and dug in.
Happy birthday Richard!
To see the video of Mandy singing our favourite tune, click here: Coffee in a Cardboard Cup

Emergency landing

HGMH campusEvery year, the foundation of our local hospital, Hopital Glengarry Memorial Hospital in Alexandria, hosts a special evening, the Christmas Jubilee Gala. It is a hallmark event, a sparkly evening with a lavish dinner, culminating in a live auction, all funds going to buy special equipment for the hospital.
I’ve made cakes for this event for the past couple of years and this year we decided on a mini cake version of the hospital and its grounds.
In this case, it looks like an emergency situation with the toy helicopter landing on the landing pad and an ambulance on its way to greet it.
I heard the cake did super well at auction! Money was collected and the cake itself was donated to the staff at the hospital. I’m so pleased.

Nature journal thanks

Thanksgiving cake 2019For the past 15 years I’ve gone up to my partner’s family’s cottage to celebrate Thanksgiving. Every year I’ve brought a dessert to add to the Thanksgiving table.
This year I decided to do something different. Most years when I’m up at Lake of Bays, (in the stunning Muskoka area of Ontario), I’m astounded by the beautiful scenery: the lake and its changing colours and waves, the leaves and that amazing sky. I usually record the things around me in my nature journal, not only the scenery but small finds lying on the ground: an American Black duck feather, acorns, oak and maple leaves in their fall splendour and mussel shells found along the shore.
This year I decided to do a riff on my nature journaling and recreate it in fondant.
We do indeed have so much for which to be thankful.

Musical birthday

Noel Campbell 21st birthdayWhen a super talented young man, who plays cello, guitar and a plethora of other instruments hits the magic age of 21, it’s time to celebrate.
Noel’s birthday coincided with his solo CD launch. A cake to laud his premier cello artistry was made but since the party was expected to reach 200 celebrants, a cake to mark his 21st birthday was also needed.
Happy birthday Noel. Knock ’em dead out there!

Serving up a happy birthday

Tennis 60th bday Greg Byers (2)My friend Greg was celebrating a significant birthday and his partner Bonnie asked me to make a cake to mark his special day.
Greg loves all manner of things including music and politics, but he’s especially fond of tennis. When I suggested a funny spin on a tough match, Bonnie thought it would be an amusing way to poke fun at his getting to the ripe old age of 60.
Here’s a fondant version of poor, exhausted Greg after an especially gruelling tennis match. He laughed when he saw it and said it was the best cake ever.
Here’s to many more tennis matches dear Greg!