Conversation hearts

valentine-hearts-2017Since there were only two of us for dinner at Valentine’s, I thought this year I’d make a mini-dessert. I usually end up freezing my Valentine’s Day cake and it lasts forever. This year was different!
I cut heart shapes out of a half sheet cake from my largest heart cookie cutter, cut each one in half to make mini-layer cakes, iced ’em and covered ’em with fondant. Each cake had a saying just like the conversation heart candies, so classic this time of year. I kind of like how retro they are.
It was a perfect dessert for us. The mini-mini-heart cake was because I had a teeny bit of extra cake. Since my boyfriend and I share the same initials, I thought it was a fun touch.


Cabbage rose cupcakes

cupcakes cabbage rosesOkay, these cupcakes are a little over the top. Last year’s Valentine’s Day supper included two cupcakes for dessert. I figured instead of real flowers on the table, why not two giant cabbage roses, piped from chocolate buttercream as big as the cupcakes themselves? A little top heavy and a little tricky to eat and a lot silly…but a real novelty!

LOVE is all you need

Indiana LOVEI’ve always loved pop artist Robert Indiana’s iconic LOVE image. My partner Richard and I went to the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland, Maine a few years back and saw two large LOVE sculptures Indiana did that sit in the gallery’s gardens. I know the artist lives near there, just across the water on an island. At any rate, I was inspired to do a small cake for us for Valentine’s Day based on this classic typography.

Handle with care

Valentines RMx2For Valentine’s Day a few years back, I made a special cake for ourĀ Valentine’s dessert. It was a square two-layer, red velvet cake and using beige fondant, made it look likeĀ a cardboard box, packed with candy hearts. In amongst the packing materials were Richard and me and our five cats (at the time): Barney, Percy, Oreo, Cookie and Nutmeg.