Feeling sluggish

For my birthday this past weekend, I realized that upon returning from a mini-road trip, I had no birthday cake. With a few sad-looking bananas on the counter, I figured a fast banana cake would work.
But how to decorate it? I looked in my cupboard and found a chocolate banana slug. What? Yup, I bought it in California made by Mackenzie’s of Santa Cruz. Wouldn’t a chocolate banana slug be perfect on a chocolate banana cake?
The label says: “The Pacific Banana slug is the second largest species of terrestrial slug in the world, growing up to 9.8 inches long.” As it happens, it’s also the mascot of the University of California Santa Cruz.
I bought the chocolate slug because I had seen these critters in Oregon and thought they were just amazing. Plus, I couldn’t believe there was actually a chocolate made to look like a slug!
So…slug cake, here we come.
And… the slug was delicious!


Choco-banana cake

bananachoc-cuWhen the cool evenings of autumn arrive, it’s time to fire up the oven. There’s nothing like the smell of warm banana bread baking. In this case, I made a banana cake with chocolate chips in a bundt pan, let it cool and covered it with a chocolate glaze (melted chocolate and a bit of butter) and finished it with a white choco drizzle. Yum-o!