Christmas cookies

I make cookies to give away to my co-workers every holiday season. Here are my offerings for the past three years.

Sheep 2015
Merry Christmas to ewe!
Let is snow, let it snow.
Have a beary Merry Christmas!

Kitty cats

cat lover naked cakeA good friend of mine turned 80 today. She was my next door neighbour from the time I was five or six years old. Her husband emailed me and asked me to do a cake as a surprise. Barb’s favourite flavour? Coconut and dark chocolate. Done!
And…she’s an animal lover and is involved with her local feral cat program as well as adopting several kitties over the years.
So here it is. A triple layered toasted coconut cake with chocolate icing and a dark chocolate ganache topper. Fondant cats are all over the cake doing cat-type things. Sleeping, flopping, or just being curious. She loved it!

Turkey dinner, with all da fixings

Thanksgiving cakeThis cake makes me laugh. It kind of turns your senses upside down! You’ve just had a turkey dinner with all the fixings, and then dessert is served and guess what? It’s a spice cake that looks like turkey dinner with all the fixings! All over again.
I made the turkey slices by slicing a block of fondant and painting the edges with a food colouring/vodka glaze. Carrots and peas are fondant shaped appropriately. Cranberry sauce is a spoonful of cherry jam. Mashed potatoes are a big glop of buttercream (urp!) with a square of yellow buttercream as a butter pat.
Great conversation piece at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Who can get enough of turkey?