So long, farewell…

goodbye-bill-susanIt’s so hard to say goodbye to friends who are moving away. At a potluck farewell party, I offered to bring the cake. But how to make a cake appropriate for the occasion?
I decided the best way to do that was to express “goodbye” in many languages. Thank goodness for Google. And thank goodness for all those hand-lettering classes I took at art school!

Horse-lover’s cupcakes

horsey-cupcakesThese cupcakes, I thought, were perfect for a young lady who loves horses. A few funny little fondant ponies, fondant horse shoes (for luck!) and some pink roses made up the complement of a dozen cupcakes.
When I can, I try to make 12 cupcakes with varying designs to kinda mix it up a bit. The horsey theme was a fun one to play with.
I hope Kelly galloped her way to a really fun birthday. Neigh!

Happy Thanksgiving

thanksgiving-2016-leaves-1The temperatures are cooling down, the leaves are changing and acorns are falling.
This year’s offering for the Thanksgiving table is a carrot-nut cake, slathered with cream cheese frosting and topped with fondant oak and maple leaves as well as acorns.
At our Thanksgiving dinner table, I am reminded of all the things for which I am grateful. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.