Canoe engagement

engagement canoeAlex and Tyler’s first date was on a canoe. How romantic! Love at first paddle, perhaps? And then they announced their engagement. Party-time!
The cake was a nod to their first date. Atop the cake (that fed 70 partygoers), was a fondant canoe with Alex at the front (her ponytail under her cap) suited up with a life jacket and Tyler rowing behind her.
Here’s to many happy years of steering that boat and paddling together Alex and Tyler!

Teddy bear engagement

Teddy bearsSweet, young friends of mine got engaged on a beach in Florida. He drew a heart in the sand and got on one knee to pop the question. She said,”Yes!”
The fun thing is, she calls him “Bear.” So when the bride-to-be’s mum asked me to make a cake for the engagement party, I knew exactly what to do!