Peanuts gang

Triplets Peanuts Gang cakeI’ve made a cake for my friends’ triplets since they were five years old. I can’t believe they’re turning 10! This year, they requested a Peanuts cake with Snoopy and his doghouse with Woodstock, Charlie Brown, Sally, Lucy and Linus. I made them all of fondant. What fun. Loved doing it and hope I keep making cakes for these three gals forever…

Shake your booty x 3

Triplets (1)Every year my friends who had triplets have a themed birthday party for them. When the girls turned six, it was a disco theme. I made a cake that matched the wild blue and green graphics on the invitation and had mini-versions of the triplets in their white, “John Travolta” disco suits. A disco duck with an afro sits in the middle.