Chocolate roses

choc roses GarryOne of my favourite cakes to make. Chocolate ganache (chocolate and whipping cream melted, then poured over cake) with chocolate buttercream roses. Perfect for a “guy’s” birthday, I think.


Buttercream roses and chocolate

Bridget & Roses 09Okay, sometimes I feel like a gal from another era. I’ve been making cakes for over 20 years now. Hard to believe. From time-to-time I dig deep and go for the classic, old fashioned look — a cake with buttercream roses. I personally love the look of a fondant cake but sometimes, depending on the occasion, a buttercream decorated cake is perfect.
This one to celebrate a birthday with chocolate icing and creamy roses. Happy birthday Bridget!

A rose is a rose is a…

Roses is a roseI donated this cake for a cake auction fundraiser for the Madagascar School dinner held last night. A friend of mine started the Madagascar School initiative, where she actually built a primary, middle and high school in an area where children had no schools at all. Their penultimate fundraiser is an annual dinner that includes a cake auction. The cakes go for crazy high amounts and are cut and eaten at the table by the bidders. A lot of fun and a good cause too. Not sure what this beauty went for, but I’m hoping the school made a good buck on it. To read more, click on this link:  Madagascar School Project.

Cabbage rose cupcakes

cupcakes cabbage rosesOkay, these cupcakes are a little over the top. Last year’s Valentine’s Day supper included two cupcakes for dessert. I figured instead of real flowers on the table, why not two giant cabbage roses, piped from chocolate buttercream as big as the cupcakes themselves? A little top heavy and a little tricky to eat and a lot silly…but a real novelty!

Puppy cupcakes and rose cupcakes

cupcakes dogs SPCA 2014For the past few years I have donated cupcakes for a fundraiser for our local SPCA. Last year I did a dozen white puppies…
cupcakes roses SPCA (5),,, and a dozen with a buttercream rose on each. Not sure what I’ll do for this year’s offering. This year’s SPCA’s National Cupcake Day is February 23. Stay tuned.