Happy National Carrot Cake Day

carrot-cake1Carole and Ken both love carrot cake so their shared birthday cake was carrot with cream cheese frosting. A few buttercream roses are always nice too.
As it happens, February 3rd is National Carrot Cake Day. I guess it’s a consolation day after Feb. 2nd…whether or not the groundhog sees his shadow, we still have six more weeks of winter. At least there’s always carrot cake, right?

Happy National Chocolate Cake Day

chocbarbs-60thI think it’s pretty funny that every day of the year is designated as a national food holiday. Believe it or not, there’s a Lobster Thermidor Day (Jan. 24), a day dedicated to Cold Cuts (March 3) and even one called Something on a Stick Day (March 28).
January 27th has been deemed National Chocolate Cake Day. Now there’s a day I can get behind! Happy National Chocolate Cake Day to all!
If you want to see all 365 days and their particular food designations, here’s the link: National Food Holidays.

Historical event

ghs-50A few years back The Glengarry Historical Society celebrated its 50th year helping to preserve local artifacts and data. I was asked to bring a cake to recognize this milestone at the Society’s annual general meeting and potluck. I figured a big bouquet of roses, in this case made out of buttercream, would do the trick. The incoming and outgoing chairs both cut the cake. Kinda sweet.

Best of luck

farewell-angelaOne of the gals at work has decided to move back out west and so we had a little get together last night to wish her well and say goodbye.
I brought dessert for us all to share: a chocolate cake covered with dark chocolate ganache (that photographed as black!) topped with lemon-buttercream roses.
Best wishes to Angela on her new adventures!

Buttercream roses and chocolate

Bridget & Roses 09Okay, sometimes I feel like a gal from another era. I’ve been making cakes for over 20 years now. Hard to believe. From time-to-time I dig deep and go for the classic, old fashioned look — a cake with buttercream roses. I personally love the look of a fondant cake but sometimes, depending on the occasion, a buttercream decorated cake is perfect.
This one to celebrate a birthday with chocolate icing and creamy roses. Happy birthday Bridget!

A rose is a rose is a…

Roses is a roseI donated this cake for a cake auction fundraiser for the Madagascar School dinner held last night. A friend of mine started the Madagascar School initiative, where she actually built a primary, middle and high school in an area where children had no schools at all. Their penultimate fundraiser is an annual dinner that includes a cake auction. The cakes go for crazy high amounts and are cut and eaten at the table by the bidders. A lot of fun and a good cause too. Not sure what this beauty went for, but I’m hoping the school made a good buck on it. To read more, click on this link:  Madagascar School Project.

Cabbage rose cupcakes

cupcakes cabbage rosesOkay, these cupcakes are a little over the top. Last year’s Valentine’s Day supper included two cupcakes for dessert. I figured instead of real flowers on the table, why not two giant cabbage roses, piped from chocolate buttercream as big as the cupcakes themselves? A little top heavy and a little tricky to eat and a lot silly…but a real novelty!

Puppy cupcakes and rose cupcakes

cupcakes dogs SPCA 2014For the past few years I have donated cupcakes for a fundraiser for our local SPCA. Last year I did a dozen white puppies…
cupcakes roses SPCA (5),,, and a dozen with a buttercream rose on each. Not sure what I’ll do for this year’s offering. This year’s SPCA’s National Cupcake Day is February 23. Stay tuned.