horse cupcakesBecky’s mum called me up and asked me to create cupcakes with a horse theme. Becky is an avid rider, so mini fondant horses with horseshoes for luck seemed a great way to celebrate her birthday.

Horse-lover’s cupcakes

horsey-cupcakesThese cupcakes, I thought, were perfect for a young lady who loves horses. A few funny little fondant ponies, fondant horse shoes (for luck!) and some pink roses made up the complement of a dozen cupcakes.
When I can, I try to make 12 cupcakes with varying designs to kinda mix it up a bit. The horsey theme was a fun one to play with.
I hope Kelly galloped her way to a really fun birthday. Neigh!

Horse ribbon

keuring-ribbonA gal was having a “keuring” at her house. A what? Keuring, as it turns out, is a horse judging for KWPN — Studbook of the Royal Dutch Sport Horse — a Netherlands-based organization specializing in the breeding of jumpers, dressage horses, harness horses, and Gelder horses.
An orange ribbon is best in show in this case. The ribbon was made of gumpaste and fondant and the cake fed about 40 guests.

Party down at the barn

Red barnWendy always wanted a red barn. Her friend asked me to make a cake of a red barn for her birthday featuring her b&w doggie, sheep, donkey, horse and chickens. Done!

barn party 2.jpgMy friend Natalie celebrated her birthday yesterday; her husband Gordon’s birthday was two weeks previous. They have a barn full of animals and I thought it’d be fun if the animals threw a party for them both. Of their 100 animals on the farm, I captured the donkey and two ponies, the marmalade cat that is best friends with the donkey is by his side. As well, there is the goat, who is a new mama, with her three young-ins, Tristan, the old dog, a few chickens, Keaton, the b&w cat, newest of barn cats and another orange cat climbing the roof. Party hats, buttercream hay and candy confettiĀ kinda ties it all together.