Deer hunter

deer hunter cakeMarthe called me the other day to say that her husband Robert would be celebrating his 70th birthday and could I make a cake in the shape of a deer as he was a deer hunter.
Hmmm. I thought about it and sent Marthe a few options and together we decided that this was a cuter approach; the deer and the hunter sitting side-by-side at a bonfire, roasting marshmallows.
Robert loved it and after all the cake was eaten, he kept the two fondant figures as keepsakes!


Buck and doe wedding

wedding deer1The invitation said, “The hunt is over!”
My friends were getting married last fall. She’s a lawyer. He’s an environmental outdoorsy guy. They hunt deer together. They wanted a fall-themed, outdoorsy wedding cake but still wanted it to be elegant. She refused to wear a camo wedding dress but she did sport a camo ribbon around her waist. Elegant/outdoorsy. I think I hit the target with this one.