Retro choco-mint

chocmintcakeI can’t seem to get enough of those pastel creamy mints. I love the taste of them. They remind me of my childhood!
So here’s a quick and easy chocolate layer cake decorated with pastel mints. I keep making ’em and they keep getting eaten. Imagine that.


Retro choco mint cake

chocolate mint 2010Two of my favourite flavours are chocolate and mint. When I spied a package of creamy pastel mints at the store, the kind I grew up with, I had a good giggle — I didn’t even know they still made them!
I thought they’d be a lotta fun on a cake. They definitely have a 1950s-’60s vibe to them and they taste great with chocolate! What could be bad?
A double dark chocolate layer cake with chocolate frosting and creamy pastel mints. Blast from the past!

Chocolate peppermint patty

chocolate layer peppermint pattyWhen I’m going to a potluck supper, I love to experiment. This time I made a three layer chocolate cake into which I added a cup or so of broken up chocolate Andes mints (which you can’t get in Canada–I picked them up in the US) into the batter. In between the layers and on the outside, I made pale green mint buttercream. And on top and drizzling down the sides is semi-sweet chocolate ganache. It looked to me like a real old fashioned cake.
It was a hit and only one tiny piece came home with me last night. Yum!