Marmalade cat

cat face cakeMy co-worker’s mum loves her pussycat Ramsay. He’s a marmalade cat with a freckled nose. Jenna asked me to make a cat cake that looked like her mum’s favourite cat, and to make it chocolate. So I did and Jenna’s mum loved it. Meow!

Kitten and butterfly

cat and butterflyMy two favourite themes. Cats and flowers.
I’m so lucky that granddaughter Mandy gave me carte blanche to design a cake for her grandmother’s 90th birthday. She was expecting 50 guests at the surprise party so the cake had to be big!
I had so much fun doing this cake. The kitten is made of rice krispie treats, covered with fondant. The flowers are fondant. The butterfly is silk-screened royal icing on gum paste.
I was so happy with how it came out. I’m hoping Joyce loved it as much as I do.

Partying kitties

cats-and-woolMy friend Scott’s mum’s birthday is Christmas Eve and this year she turned 70, so he wanted to celebrate that milestone.
She loves her two cats, Lucky and Angel, and asked that they were on the cake. Here they are, already celebrating her special day, playing with green and red wool (a nod to the season), and donning party hats.
Happy birthday to the pre-Christmas baby!

Calico cat

Cat for Famke's 6th bday 1Little Famke was turning six and asked me to do a cake for her that looked like her calico cat Liko. I have a sweet calico named Nutmeg and she sat at my feet most of the time while I was making this cake. She’s a great little model.

Cat for Famke's 6th bdayThe cake body was vanilla and fed about 20 people. I decided to make the head and balls of yarn from Rice Krispie treats. Fun to work with and easy to shape.
Famke loved it and at the end of the party, the only bits left were the head and a ball of wool.

Handle with care

Valentines RMx2For Valentine’s Day a few years back, I made a special cake for our Valentine’s dessert. It was a square two-layer, red velvet cake and using beige fondant, made it look like a cardboard box, packed with candy hearts. In amongst the packing materials were Richard and me and our five cats (at the time): Barney, Percy, Oreo, Cookie and Nutmeg.

Party down at the barn

Red barnWendy always wanted a red barn. Her friend asked me to make a cake of a red barn for her birthday featuring her b&w doggie, sheep, donkey, horse and chickens. Done!

barn party 2.jpgMy friend Natalie celebrated her birthday yesterday; her husband Gordon’s birthday was two weeks previous. They have a barn full of animals and I thought it’d be fun if the animals threw a party for them both. Of their 100 animals on the farm, I captured the donkey and two ponies, the marmalade cat that is best friends with the donkey is by his side. As well, there is the goat, who is a new mama, with her three young-ins, Tristan, the old dog, a few chickens, Keaton, the b&w cat, newest of barn cats and another orange cat climbing the roof. Party hats, buttercream hay and candy confetti kinda ties it all together.