Teddy bear engagement

Teddy bearsSweet, young friends of mine got engaged on a beach in Florida. He drew a heart in the sand and got on one knee to pop the question. She said,”Yes!”
The fun thing is, she calls him “Bear.” So when the bride-to-be’s mum asked me to make a cake for the engagement party, I knew exactly what to do!

Beary sweet wedding

chocwedding& bearsI made this cake for a couple who had a tiny wedding — just family — with a small dinner for six after the ceremony. They provided me with the cute bear topper and told me their favourite flavour was chocolate. I made a simple cake with a poured chocolate ganache to cover it, and decided to add a small, round tier to the top to make it look more wedding-ish. The happy bears sat tidily on top of that. Then a few peach-coloured buttercream roses encircling the bears and some buttercream squiggles and shells. Happy days!