Rosy retirement

Chocolate Joan retirementMy friend Joan is retiring and I was asked to bring a cake for a wee celebration at the office tomorrow. Her favourite flavour is mocha and she loves flowers so mocha roses seemed just the thing. Twenty years at one place is pretty remarkable in this day and age. I hope Joan has a wonderful time in retirement.



Fish cakes

Fish cake 2I made this cake for a little guy who loves to go fishing with his dad. I love painting with buttercream.

Fish cakeAnother fish cake. Susan is a fisherperson too. Love the candy eye!



Atchoum the clown

156521_294195563993458_933930030_nThe fondant clown figure took forever but I was so pleased because it looked just like the clown called Atchoum! And she was at the party so doubly important that I got it right. Polka dots and Smarties on the board were a request from the birthday girl.



Barn cake

barn n meA friend of mine had a barn put up at her place. A fabulous barn at that! And for a celebration of its completion, she wanted a cake to feed about 60 partygoers.

BarnHere’s the cake I made her for the barn-raising bash. Fondant and buttercream barn that looked (almost) like the real thing.




For the birds

Birds GordonI work at a local newspaper and one of our columnists was retiring after many years. Many of his weekly reports dealt with local birds and their peregrinations. I was asked to make a cake for his farewell bash and I thought this was a fitting tribute.


Birds Marlene 70thNot long after that, my next door neighbour celebrated a milestone birthday with a big party. As her gift I made her a cake to feed a gang of 40. She loves bird watching and feeding “her birds” as she calls them. Here are three of her favourites.



Long distance love

Luggage wedding cakeI made this cake for friends whose son was marrying a gal from the other side of the globe. Booker and Tijana had been having a long distance relationship for years and were celebrating their marriage with a casual, outdoor wedding. I thought a suitcase with labels of places they had been together would be perfect. The travel labels were edible printed with edible ink on rice paper, so everything on this cake was edible. It fed about 80 or so party goers.