Leopard print birthday

Bonnie Laing's 70thMy friend Bonnie loves leopard print so her boyfriend asked me to make a birthday cake for her with leopard pattern. He also sent me a photo of her lying on a rug as a wee baby.  As Bonnie noted when she saw the cake, “That’s the last time I looked good with no clothes on!” Happy birthday dear Bonnie and many more fun times.



M&M wedding cake

wedding m&ms1Melissa and Mike’s wedding (M&M) featured special grey and purple M&Ms that said “Love” and had intertwined hearts printed on them. Melissa’s colour theme for the wedding was purple. She loves calla lilies and asked me to have them on the cake and to integrate her M&M theme as well. Elegant and whimsical I think.

Floral wreath

Floral Jean b-dayThis cake was for a lovely lady who was celebrating a milestone birthday. It was a large cake, to feed 60 or so party-goers so I had lots of room to make assorted fondant flowers and place them on a buttercream wreath. It kind of felt Victorian to me, with the off white fondant backdrop and a few chenille-type dots. Most importantly, the birthday girl loved it!


Quirky Carrot cake

Quirky CarrotHaving been a graphic designer in my former life, I love the challenge of doing a logo cake. Cutting fondant with an Xacto blade is something I enjoy. I also happen to love the restaurant I was doing the cake for and really like the logo too, so it was a pleasure all round! Spoiler alert: Just to keep everyone on their toes, it was chocolate cake, not carrot!