Peach galette

It’s already late summer. Gak! Where’d the time go?
Peaches, peaches, peaches. I can’t help myself. I buy them. They all ripen at the same time and there are only so many peaches you can eat before they get over ripe and rotten.
I decided to have a more rustic approach with this pie and made a simple galette. One crust, rolled to about an 11″ circle. Leaving about an inch and a half edge, I placed sliced peaches in concentric circles until full. Then I folded over the edge to secure all those peach juices. Yum!
Here’s the recipe I used from Epicurious. It’s actually from a book called “The Perfect Peach” by Marcy, Nikiko and David Mas Masumoto.


Summer pie

20621280_10155337198785831_2595527560415131482_nAhhh, August. The time of year when Ontario apricots, peaches and blueberries are all ripe at the same time. What’s a gal to do with overripe fruit? Pie, natch!
In this case, I rolled all three delicious bites of summer into one glorious pie and sandwiched them into a pate brisee (Martha Stewart’s recipe works just great. Here’s da link!)
Save your fork, there’s pie!

Oh Lord, won’t you buy me…

Mercedes Benz…a Mercedes Benz?
My friend Janet called and asked me to do a cake for her nephew who was celebrating his 65th birthday. Peter is the general manager of a Mercedes Benz dealership, so a cake with a car theme would suit.
I figured the best way to go would be to find a miniature car and make a road scene on the cake. I found a vintage-looking Mercedes online on Etsy. The wee car even has a hood and trunk that both open. Bonus! So after the cake is just a memory, Peter has a take away to remind him of his celebration.

Gone fishing

fishing cakeMarcel is lucky enough to live along the St. Lawrence River and goes fishing as often as he can. He fishes for perch, pickerel, bass, and occasionally he gets pike.
For his 50th birthday, his wife Lori thought a cake that showed his passion for fishing would be just the thing.
I hope Marcel got to go fishing on his birthday and that he snagged a big one!