It’s a girl!

IMG_8849A friend of mine wanted to make her COVID-19 friendly gender reveal party even more fun by being surprised herself. Her mum and her sister, plus partner and she would bite into cupcakes at the same time. The insides would be filled with either pink or blue icing.
It was all lined up. She would drop by after her ultrasound and hand me an envelope from her doctor which had a note inside indicating whether it was a boy or a girl. On the drive over from the hospital, she said that she and her partner almost tore open that envelope a few times but stopped themselves. She and everyone else were convinced it was a boy.
She handed me the envelope and I joked I was going to put orange icing inside the cupcakes. Or green. But she knew I wouldn’t do that!
Once they pulled away, I opened the envelope and let out a hoot. Under three yellow stickies was a fourth sticky saying “It’s a girl!”
Meggin and Rock got the cupcakes the next day and everyone shared the reveal at the same time. Happy baby you two.

Author: ronna2012

I love to decorate cakes!

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