Asparagus cake

asparagus cakeEvery year for my birthday I try to challenge myself to make a crazy cake. This year, I decided on an asparagus cake.
I measured the cake tin’s circumference to figure out, mathematically, how many asparagus spears I needed to make to get all the way around the cake. And how many layers (plus icing) I’d use, to figure out how high the cake would be so that I’d know how tall the fondant asparagus would have to be. Yikes!
When it came to assembling the actual cake, I had made only one extra asparagus spear. Now I know why I needed that math tutor in algebra class. It finally paid off!
Happy birthday to me!

Author: ronna2012

I love to decorate cakes!

One thought on “Asparagus cake”

  1. I look forward to see all of your creations and have to say that I found the Asparagus cake to be my favorite, (so far). I’m happy that you posted a photo of how it was assembled, because it proved to me that it really was not “the real thing”. Tell me something….when do you sleep ? LOL

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