The decades go by…

Ron's 60th cake 2014My friend Ron was turning 60 and having a big bash at a bar in downtown Toronto. I decided my gift to him would be the birthday cake. The cake had to feed about 75 people and it had to survive a five hour drive in the late summer heat.

I entrusted my friend Peter to secretly do research and nab photos of Ron to span his 60 years. Instead of a vertical cake, I went horizontal. I baked three 9″x13″ cakes and each one featured two decades of Ron’s life. The first was ages 10-20, then 30-40 and finally 50-60. Peter emailed the scanned images to me and I had them made into edible sheets which I put onto the cakes. I edged it with fondant sprockets to look like a film strip.

When we approached the Big Smoke (Toronto), my car’s thermometer read 36C. I was so happy that the three cakes were each in their own boxes, surrounded by freezer packs, towels and topped with a thermal blanket.

When we got to the bar, we removed the pre-cut edges of the cake boards and pushed the three cakes together to look like one extra long film strip. Ron was really surprised and he just loved it!

Ron's sliceAt the end of the evening, Peter and Ron had a few pieces of cake left over. Peter emailed me this photo which he entitled, “Remains of the cake.”


Author: ronna2012

I love to decorate cakes!

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