Quilter’s cupcakes

cupcake-quilterI did these cupcakes for Cheryl who has just discovered a love for quilting.
I had so much fun thinking of what to put on the cupcakes besides a fondant quilt as a backdrop. So…I made spools of thread, needles and thread, a thimble, scissors, a measuring tape and buttons, all out of fondant. The birthday message is made to look like it’s cut from fabric with pinking shears.
Apparently Cheryl loved them. They were lemon cake, filled with lemon curd and topped with lemony buttercream. Yum!


Author: ronna2012

I love to decorate cakes!

4 thoughts on “Quilter’s cupcakes”

    1. Thanks, Nat! I loved doing them. The idea of the quilt background took much longer than I thought it would but that’s how it goes….turned out pretty much how I’d pictured it in my head…

  1. I love them! When I turned 60, my niece (a cake artist in the GTA), draped a cake with a quilt, then decorated it with sewing impliments and knitting needles and balls of yarn, all of my passions.

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