Goodbye and bon voyage

ByeBye BubusLes Bubus, a family of four, spent almost a year in Canada on an exchange program. When it was time for them to return home to France, I was asked to make a cake for their goodbye party.
What is more iconic than the maple leaf to represent Canada? I figured I’d show a year going by through the leaves of a maple tree.
And so the Bubus returned home with a full belly of chocolate cake. Au revoir and bon voyage.


French fries and ketchup?

faux friesI had a few gals over for lunch a while back and since it was summer, I was looking for a fun summer dessert. I came up with this: faux French fries with faux ketchup. Basically, it’s pound cake, cut into shapes resembling fries and then carefully toasted served with raspberry coulis I whipped up and dabbed on like ketchup. I had actual plastic baskets for bbq stuff, so I fitted them with waxed paper inserts. Perfect! A real hoot, the gals gobbled them up between giggles. Happy summer!