Making my own b-day cake

fruit & choco bday for me 2016Happy birthday to me! This year I was out of town for my actual birthday, so my boyfriend and I celebrated a week later, just the two of us. I wanted chicken on the barbecue, a baked potato with sour cream and chives and chocolate cake. Richard did the entree, I made dessert.
With only two of us, I decided to make a small cake and on the internet, found a fabulous site called Dessert for Two. I picked something called Fudge-Bottom Chocolate Cake. It had few ingredients, prepared in one bowl with a whisk and fit into a 6″ pan. Out of the oven and ready to go, it was soft and yummy and runny inside. I added fresh, local strawberries and a few bing cherries too.
It was a wonderful meal which we ate outside (dontcha just love a June birthday!) and watched the fireflies. Cold white wine worked for the chicken and the dessert.
A happy birthday indeed.


Author: ronna2012

I love to decorate cakes!

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